Dam Domido

L'art est le seul espace de liberté totale


"Tous à l’art" Art Fair, Nice
Bastille Contemporary Art
Market, Paris (France)
Art Présent Gallery, Paris
Listed in Akoun
Full Art Art Fair,
Saint-Raphael (France)
Marty Gallery, Cannes
Avant gard’iste Gallery,
Brussels (Belgium)
Listed in Drouot
Fine Art workshops, Paris
Born in Casablanca
Dam Domido (Dominica) intuitively began painting from an early age. At 25,
she decided to devote herself to her childhood passion and attended
workshops in the evening at the School of Fine Arts in Paris. She then
attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Grasse.
Her approach is expressionistic in its search for emotion, for a fragment of
feeling. Her vision of reality and her waking dreams are positive and
optimistic. In her examination of feelings, Dam Domido wishes to transform
the suffering and torment of the soul into light to illuminate the dark side.
Dam Domido uses a mixed technique by assimilating several mediums: oil,
acrylic, watercolour, chalk. The pigments of her palette are unique. She dips
her brush into her soul and tears to recreate the emotion of a fleeting special
moment between dream and heartbreak. Today her research focuses on
transcribing the outside world into a language more emotional than real. She
accentuates reality through the filter of her sensitivity to inspire an emotional
response in the viewer.
Her works emphasize a certain view of women through a series of portraits:
mysterious, glamorous, romantic, erotic ... The artist makes the poses and
facial expressions stand out from a think relief of paint, mixing past, present
and future. She develops characters with a particular elegance, reminiscent of
the work of Tamara Lempicka. She emphasizes nudes and refers to a
traditional contemplation of the human body. The artist is sensitive to feminine
beauty, a certain contemplation of the surface of things. She amplifies colours
to cause wonder and her portrait series are interspersed with some paintings
of the sea, landscapes or still lives which are all suggestions of escapism and
Her works speak of troubles, passion and life as well as of the difficulty of
merely being a woman today.

Dam Domido

The artist at work

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